Technology Changes Schools

One of the hardest things to do is to relate to the interests of kids in school. Some teachers have a great ability to do this, but others struggle to do so because the kids they teach have grown up with technology. Older teachers often shy away from technology because they feel they cannot learn how to use it. However, attendees of the WCC continue to develop excellent teaching tools through technological advances that any teacher can learn to use. Here are some ways that this conference is changing the teaching profession.

Over the course of the years, different U.S. presidents have emphasised the importance of a great education. They have put laws into place that both help, and sometimes accidentally hurt, the education of our students. For example, one controversial move that was made by President Bush, was the No Child Left Behind initiative. Parents and teacher actually saw this as a disservice to the students because some students were passed on to the next grade level without the proper education that they need. New computer technologies developed by the attendees of the WCC work against this issue.

A great example of the new incorporation of technology in the classroom, is the introduction of Apples iPads. These devices serve almost all of the same functions of a normal computer. They are much more convenient to use because they are much smaller, and they can be stored in far greater numbers than laptops. The iPad has changed the school environment because students can work with them from the comfort of their own desks. They do not have to sign up with a computer lab in order to type term paper, do research, or develop a new project. An iPad is a great device for people who wish to see their students succeed in an ever-changing world.

Some of the more notable developments in teaching materials allows teachers to conduct all of their classwork online. In the past it was unheard of to consider holding class sessions virtually. Now, more teachers are going online to conduct classes, and they complete all grading there as well. This cuts down on the use of paper and other materials. It also cuts down on the time it takes to receive work from students. Submissions and questions are submitted for immediate review. Members of the World Computer Conference help teachers and students to use new technologies so that students are prepared to become successful in a competitive world.

There is an unlimited amount of potential when it comes to technology in the classroom. Teachers can monitor what students are doing from a main computer. Students can use computer programs to create and research science projects that others have never even dreamed of. We need to allow our students to use technology and advanced computer systems so that they can help to come up with solutions to real-world problems such as pollution and the use of natural resources. The WCC provides a platform for these developments to take shape.